he World Famous “Sindhri Mangoes” of Sindh

The entire world knows that the Mango is the king of all fruits due to its distinctive sweetness, juiciness, pulpy fibers, magical aroma and ultra-deliciousness followed with a number of popular varieties that were produced to cultivate this sweetest gift from nature on diverse climatic conditions and variable cultivation targets across the world to bring this famous delight in reach of every mango lover no matter where ever they are. Well when it comes to best of the best variety of mangoes in world, The Sindhri variety from Mirpurkhas district of Sindh province of Pakistan is the known as the most admired and chosen among other several mango varieties. Since the mangoes are known as the uncrowned king of fruits, subsequently the Sindhri is the king of mangoes. The Sindhri is the product from the land of Mehran and so the Sindhri is a reflection of the people that sow it and care for it and pluck it off trees and keep it wrapped in hay shreds till the green becomes a vibrant lemon yellow. Its season start from mid-May and ends in mid of June. It is rounded long and mostly occupied in big size. Its length varies till 15cm and breadth is 8cm and thickness varies till 7.4cm. Sindhri mango weighs about 14.0 oz.