• Spongy tissue is a psychological disorder of the mango (and you thought only humans could be sensitive). The mango looks good from outside, but is spongy inside.
  • Spongy tissue cannot be identified in an unripe mango. However as the mango ripens, the area with spongy tissue will not ripen and will remain devoid of any nutrients- it will generally be white and spongy, hence the name.
  • We try our best to filter out the mangoes with spongy tissue at the source, but it is still an imperfect art and mango with spongy tissue does come through.
  • Generally, if a small portion exhibits this, it can safely be scooped away without affecting the remainder.
  • Sometimes the spongy area can change color with time and becomes black. The tissue which is good will always feel, taste and look good.
  • Picture1 shows a little spongy tissue which can be safely scooped away, Picture2 shows a spongy tissue that has become black.
  • Picture3 shows a full spongy tissue- nothing can be salvaged.